Welcome to my new scientific site!

Hello everybody. Starting today I am using this website (https://fmvega.wordpress.com) to showcase my current, past and future research activities. I hope it proves a useful tool to extend the visibility of my work and promote collaborations and interaction with other researchers and all interested.

On the “Bio” page you can see a brief account of my research career and whereabouts and you can also checkout a complete CV, if interested. On the the “Research Interest” page I have posted my main broad research projects and current collaborations. On the “Publications” page you can see (surprise!) my publications. My idea is to add direct links in the future but please, ask if you are interested on any in particular if you can not find it online. On the “Resources” page I am sharing some useful tools I have used on my work. I will be adding more with time and hopefully also share some images and movies in the future.

On this “Blog” page I will post, hopefully regularly, some updates, news, comments or interesting articles. Even though my interests extend beyond science (like there is anything beyond it, right?), I will keep this site science-related in a broad sense, including science policy.

Please browse around and contact me with any comments or if you are interested in possible discussions about my research or collaborations.

Happy reading!



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